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ThermalCore, Inc. continues to lead the industry in high induction low temperature air diffusers. Defining quality and performance has been instrumental in developing a diffuser that will perform under the most demanding environments. Since 1983 manufacturing has been a mainstay in developing the highest quality product on the market which out performs all other designs. Whether you are designing a system with variable air volume or constant velocity having the high induction performance along with the patented design of the ThermalCore allows the design engineer comfort in knowing the diffusers will perform.

The first step in designing an HVAC system is to determine the optimum supply air temperature. This is a mathematically derived value based on the trade-offs between air distribution refrigeration cost at all possible supply air temperatures. Designing a system around this ideal temperature will accomplish the following:

  • Minimizes installed first cost for a system capable of providing occupant comfort and required indoor air quality.

  • minimizes operating cost.

  • provides humidity control.

  • Superior Indoor Air Quality

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